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    We help employers navigate the rough waters of their fiduciary retirement plan obligations.

  • About Us


    Greenlight Retirement Plan Consultants, LLC (“GRPC”) is an independent consulting firm dedicated to advising retirement plan fiduciaries.


    Our goal is to help fiduciaries dramatically reduce the amount of time they need to spend on investment related responsibilities. We focus on improving the quality of investment options, providing critical analysis and documentation, and reducing the overall cost of the plan for all plan participants.


    Who We Are

    GRPC was founded in 2018 by retirement plan investment expert Ian Green. Ian is a CFA charter holder and a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the field of retirement plan cost analysis and mutual fund investment due diligence.


    As the former Director of Investment Strategies at Voya Financial’s Institutional Client Services Group, he has over 15 years of experience creating and analyzing retirement plan investment lineups / fund menus. In his career, Ian has created hundreds of custom fund lineups for corporations, universities, cities, states and other retirement plan clients all over the country, ranging in size from several million to several billion dollars. He also created the quarterly Voya Financial home-office’s “Model Portfolios” that were then sold by hundreds of financial advisors and used by thousands of clients in the Corporate, Government, Education and other Non-Profit markets.


    In addition, Ian has performed in-person due diligence on hundreds of investment strategies / mutual funds with the investment specialists from most of the countrys elite investment management firms. Through his years of experience, Ian is intimately familiar with investment strategies, fees, revenue sharing arrangements, hidden costs and other aspects of retirement plan investing. He will now share that experience and knowledge with clients.


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    What We Do

    We help plan fiduciaries save time and money.

    We work closely with plan sponsors to provide them with all the knowledge, documentation, and advice they require to make the best investment decision on behalf of plan participants. We help protect plan fiduciaries from liability stemming from inappropriate investments and excessive fees.


    At GRPC, we have the professional knowledge to help you create and maintain a well-managed retirement plan with lower fees for participants and with a clear process and meticulous documentation in place for monitoring your investments. See the links at the bottom of the website to see some of the reports and executive summaries we produce.

    Why Use Greenlight RPC?

    A prudently managed and monitored retirement plan is in everybody’s best interest.

    Becoming a fiduciary for your organization's retirement plan is a great responsibility. Many plan sponsors rely on their record keeper for all their retirement plan information. While this generally works for a lot of administrative information, when it comes to fees and the quality of the investments, the potential of a conflict of interest between the client and the record keeper makes it imprudent to rely on record keeper information alone. The potential downside of an improperly managed plan can be very costly to both the employees and the employer and potentially put you and the organization in legal jeopardy.


    Market watch: 401(k) lawsuits are surging. Here is what it means for you.


    Lawsuits in the non-profit market space (403(b) and 457 plans) are on the rise as well, as 20 well-known universities and others have recently found out.


    Investment news: University of Chicago settles 403(b) lawsuit for $6.5 million


    Shortcomings in retirement plans generally fall into three categories:

    - Excessive fees.

    - Improper investments.

    - Self-dealing (often the result of relying on advice that is not independent).


    The Department of Labor (www.dol.gov. “Meeting Your Fiduciary Obligations”) requires an expertise in investments to meet your fiduciary duties. Lacking that expertise, it advises you to hire a professional.


    At GRPC, we have the professional knowledge and experience to help you create a well-managed retirement plan with a clear process and meticulous documentation in place for monitoring your investments.

    First Step

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    The first step will be a consultation of your needs. Every plan is different and has its own needs. Contact us using the information below to set up a meeting to discuss your needs. Together we can do what is best for your organization and your organization's most valuable asset: its people.

  • Services

    Below are examples of some of the Services and Reports we create for our clients.

    • Quarterly Investment Reviews and Investment Monitoring Reports, including an Executive Plan Summary with concise updates on all fund investment related issues.
    • Ongoing investment due diligence, including fund scoring for investment options and asset class reviews.
    • Quarterly Cost & Services report.
    • A unique Administrative Cost Reduction Program that helps reduce the plan overall costs.
    • Cost benchmarking (making sure your plan is paying “reasonable costs” relative to other providers).
    • Ongoing fee negotiations with vendors.
    • Proposal Comparison Report (Competitive cost and quality comparison with up to three competitors).
    • Quarterly Fiduciary Score Fund Fact Sheets (Fund summary sheets).
    • Creating or updating the plan’s Investment Policy Statement (IPS), and ongoing monitoring of IPS and Watch List action items.
    • A holistic review of the existing plan or a new plan set-up, including creating a custom plan design based on your goals and objectives.
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